Black Lives Matter March on Lehigh campus
Diversity & Inclusion

Our Work

The work to foster inclusive diversity at Lehigh reaches into every facet of campus life and engages our entire community of students, faculty and staff. Lehigh's efforts include changes to policies and practices at the institutional level as well as work creating a more inclusive campus culture through opportunities for education, dialogue and action.

Dr. Donald Outing

Lehigh Announces Dr. Donald Outing as First Chief Diversity Officer

The Army veteran joins Lehigh from The United States Military Academy at West Point and will lead institutional efforts to advance Lehigh's work on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Arun Ghandi

Peace Activist Arun Gandhi Shares His Grandfather's Lessons

Gandhi offered his thoughts on channeling the energy of anger, the roles of passive and active violence, and the true meaning of peace.

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Rally of Solidarity

Lehigh Community Affirms Commitment to Creating a 'Welcoming Space'

Organized by a Lehigh student, the rally drew hundreds who gathered in near-freezing temperatures.

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University Center

Open Forum Examines Sanctuary Campus Issue

A panel led by Nitzan Leboic, associate professsor of history, offered the perspectives of two students and four faculty following a meeting held earlier with President John Simon to discuss the issue.

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Alumni Memorial building

Lehigh Joins National Effort to Increase Access for Low Income Students

President John Simon noted, "In order to thrive amid today's challenges, America - and the world - need the talents and skills of all students."

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Labor Gang employee Marlene Burkey

Lehigh Joins in Women of Bethlehem Steel Project

The women interviewed for the project proved that there was no such thing as "men's work" and "women's work".

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How We Approach Our Inclusive Diversity Efforts

Guidelines for Effective Dialogue

1) Try On: Create a learning environment, try out language and model behavior.

2) It’s OK to Disagree: It’s expected that we all don’t see things exactly the same way.

3) No Attack, Blame or Shame of Self or Other: We accept people where they are and remain open to the possibility for growth. We engage in dialogue to move forward.

4) Practice Self-Focus: Don’t speak for others (we/they think or feel). Rather, speak for yourself (I think or feel).

5) Practice Both/And Thinking: Develop the skill of holding two thoughts in your mind that may seem in contradiction but don’t have to be. Change “But” to “And” in your language.

6) Notice Process and Content: Process is how we engage, content is what we engage about. Both are important.

7) Be Aware of Intent and Impact: The impact of your words may be quite different from your intent, but impact is what matters.

8) Maintain Confidentiality: Effective and open dialogue requires trust.

Understanding The Levels

Inclusive diversity requires conversations and change to take place at many levels.

At Lehigh, we can all take part in this change no matter what our role is.

Interpersonal: How we interact on a one-on-one basis. How we treat each other as individuals. Everyone engages at this level.

Cultural: Our shared values, the unwritten rules of our group dynamics. We all work on this level as well when we are working in groups on campus.

Institutional: The policies, procedures and systems of the university. The Board of Trustees and senior leadership mainly impact this level.

These are parts of the framework the CEC and the Senior Officers have committed to learning and practicing. We encourage you to ask members of these groups how they are putting these concepts into action.

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