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Security in the palm of your hand

Lehigh University is now offering all members of its campus community a free-to-download App for iPhone and Android that will allow you to connect directly with the dispatchers in the Lehigh University Police Department in the event of a dangerous situation. The App begins to stream high-quality video and audio directly to responders, allows you to communicate on your situation via text, and alerts the LUPD to your specific location to enable a quick response.

EmergenSee's GeoFence technology maintains a designated perimeter that includes all three Lehigh campuses, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods where many of our students live. As soon as you tap the EmergenSee App and press “start”, the app immediately alerts the Lehigh University Police Department of your location within that perimeter.

The app can also serve as a “virtual escort” by allowing you to set a timer before beginning a specific activity, such as walking back to an off-campus apartment late at night. If the timer expires before you’ve reached your destination, the EmergenSee system will automatically alert the LUPD.

Read the full brochure on the EmergenSee App (PDF) >

Here is how to get the EmergenSee App on your mobile device:

1. Download the EmergenSee app from the App Store >
    Download the EmergenSee app from Google Play >

2. Set-Up: Please note set-up instructions below. It is important that you identify Lehigh under "organizations". If you do not identify Lehigh, you will not have direct contact to the LUPD dispatchers.

  • Open the app
  • Create your account
  • Accept Terms of Use
  • Agree to Private Data Acknowledgement
  • Profile: Enter your name, Lehigh e-mail address, cell number, and create a password before selecting "Next"
  • On the "Add Organization" screen, tap "Add my University" (search for Lehigh) - Click "Add" and tap "OK" if prompted

If prompted, please allow EmergenSee to use your location. In the event of an emergency, this will aid the Lehigh University Police Department in identifying your location quickly and accurately.

Important Note

There is no requirement to subscribe for paid professional monitoring services. This service is provided free of charge by Lehigh University. Tap "Ignore" on screens for professional monitoring.

View complete download instruction guide for iOS devices (PDF) >

View complete download instruction guide for Android devices (PDF) >

3. Run a Test: Test the app from your device to insure all functions are working properly and that the LUPD has been notified.

Download the EmergenSee app

The EmergenSee Personal Security System logo displayed on the screen of an iPhone

Emergency Numbers

Lehigh University Police

(610) 758-4200

Bethlehem Police

9-911 (on campus)