Data X

Gary Zenkel discusses the challenges of Olympic programming. 

Events will explore how data transforms discovery in our economy, culture and society.

Alumni discuss the transformative role of big data on healthcare and city planning.

Lehigh researchers across numerous disciplines are working to thwart hackers and data thieves, with the ultimate goal of creating a world of trustworthy computing.

Learn why two alums are eager to be a part of Lehigh's investment in the future of Data Science and technology.

An unprecedented amount of data is changing the way people around the world do business—and how Lehigh prepares its students. 

First LUApps contest showcases breadth of computer programming.

Lehigh hosts Cybersecurity Summit that addresses the enormity of the problem.

A Mountaintop team explores national datasets to answer questions about early childhood development.

A Mountaintop team explores the relationship between geographic location and racial bias.