Cover of the 2014 edition of Theory to Practice

Theory to Practice

Issue No. 6, Fall '14

Theory to Practice, a research review produced annually by Lehigh’s College of Education, is designed to reflect both the changing nature of education and COE’s emphasis on cutting-edge research that results in measurable changes in schools, clinics and policy.

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State of the Union

Two monkey's fighting

In the battle over public education, reformers and teachers unions stand on opposing sides. Are unions getting in the way of much needed school reform? Or are reformers seeking to privatize education?

Respect Begets Respect

Chalk drawing of jungle scene

Restraint and 'scream rooms' are hurting kids. Centennial School offers a better way of dealing with students with behavior problems.

A Man of the Times

Michael Golden

Michael Golden made his career in journalism but his worldview was shaped, in part, by his time at Lehigh's College of Education.

Understanding ADHD

Illustration of adult and child on a swingset

George DuPaul, professor of School Psychology, addresses treatments and interventions for ADHD.