Cover of the Fall 2015 issue of Lehigh's Theory to Practice publication

Theory to Practice

Issue No. 7, Fall '15

Theory to Practice, a research review produced annually by Lehigh’s College of Education, is designed to reflect both the changing nature of education and COE’s emphasis on cutting-edge research that results in measurable changes in schools, clinics and policy.

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Fostering A Secure Attachment

Mother and baby

A Lehigh University professor is challenging long-held beliefs about how mothers can best connect with their infants.

The Charter Challenge

Illustration of debate regarding charter schools

As charter schools proliferate, a polarizing debate could use common ground.

Making A Case for Public Education

Gary Sasso, dean of the College of Education, talks with education activist Diane Ravitch.

Education activist Diane Ravitch, in an appearance at Lehigh, argues that public schools must be saved for a future generation of children.

A Story of Survival

Sothy Eng's father

Forty years ago, the Khmer Rouge took Phnom Penh and unleashed a wrath of vengeance against its own people. The genocide war in Cambodia left almost 2 million people dead from execution, starvation and disease. Many were the country's most educated citizens.