New psychology research finds that society can civilize punishment by learning a perpetrator's unfortunate history.

Researchers at Lehigh, Sandia overcome key obstacle to photon formation.

New study co-authored by assistant professor of sociology focuses on STEM retention and attrition among college women.

Lehigh’s innovative Mountaintop program challenges students to take intellectual risks. 

A sea sponge enzyme could provide greener, firmer soil foundations.

The center's mission is to generate knowledge that impacts the lives of those with, or at risk for, disabilities.

Study suggests workplace technologies may hurt the very employees they were designed to help.

The Institute of Education Sciences grants will be used for language, behavior and literacy initiatives.

Students and mentors return to Bays C2 and C3 for the Mountaintop initiative’s fourth summer.

The Lehigh GRaD Experience invites visitors to learn and play.