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The center's mission is to generate knowledge that impacts the lives of those with, or at risk for, disabilities.

Associate professor of management helps author new study.  

The Institute of Education Sciences grants will be used for language, behavior and literacy initiatives.

Students and mentors return to Bays C2 and C3 for the Mountaintop initiative’s fourth summer.

The Lehigh GRaD Experience invites visitors to learn and play.  

Lehigh’s Center for Community Engagement hosts its first symposium.

With obesity rates on the rise, Chad Meyerhoefer examines the medical costs of a nationwide epidemic and how the U.S. might address it.

The JOBS Act of 2012 was supposed to help make it easier for early-stage companies to go public. Years later, Kathleen Hanley questions whether the Act may have unintended consequences for capital formation.

Contemporary architectural practice often employs computer-generated algorithms to generate form. Anthony Viscardi engages shadows to do the same by asking the simple question, "If an object can cast a shadow, can a shadow cast an object?"

Steven Sametz’s ‘A Child’s Requiem’ honors the children and adults killed during the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.