Research Highlights

An internship in Uganda gives an IDEAS major the freedom to find her interests.

From ancient clues, Dork Sahagian calculates land elevations as they change over time.

Lehigh chemists tame the destructive tendencies of a leading anti-fungal drug.

If we rename our epoch, will it prod us to acknowledge our impact on the planet?

Successful peacemaking between longstanding adversaries, a new book argues, is almost always imposed by states from the top down and then sustained by societies.

Lehigh’s Santiago Herrera is lead biologist aboard the 2017 American Samoa Expedition.

Seismologist is honored for leading community-driven and guided Earth science initiatives.

Researchers use OS and hardware level factors to ‘fingerprint’ 99.24 percent of users.

A novel test facility sheds light on the hydrodynamic instabilities that limit the efficiency of the fusion reactor.

String theory, says Sera Cremonini, links Einstein and quantum mechanics, and the Big Bang with black holes.