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An open forum welcomes discussion on protest and policing in the United States. 

In 42 years on the faculty, he taught students the art of the hallway discussion.

The PBS talk show host is a philanthropist and author of 29 books.

An exclusive partnership aims to enhance opportunities for students.

Gold’s glitter may have inspired poets and triggered wars, but its catalytic prowess has helped make chemical reactions greener and more efficient. (Image courtesy of iStock/sbayram)

Scientists uncover secret to gold’s catalytic powers

Researchers show that a hierarchy of active species triggers the oxidation of carbon monoxide.

Solar Panels

A Push Toward Sustainability

Solar panels on Goodman Campus are source of alternate energy.

Dick Brandt is retiring Sept. 30 after 20 years of leading Lehigh's innovative Global Village program.

Dick Brandt to retire from Global Village

The business expert has headed the Iacocca Institute since 1999.

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