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Research at Lehigh

We foster a culture of discovery, built on our recognition that new understanding and graduates who carry a spirit of inquiry into the world are our greatest contributions to society. Research at Lehigh is at the center of how we look at the world, how we work to contribute to its betterment, and how we educate.


A hallmark of Lehigh's research culture is our commitment to meaningful exchange among disciplines. Working to make the most of our residential environment, we encourage faculty, staff and students from disparate fields of study to work side-by-side, and we expect people with diverse perspectives to challenge, inform and inspire each other.

We are a community of artists and creators, scholars of the written word and the natural world, of human experience and endeavor.
 We are eagerly engaged with the world, much of our work motivated by the pressing concerns and startling possibilities we see, and always striving to convey new understanding to those who can make good use of it.

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Scholarship, Discovery & Thought Leadership


An internship in Uganda gives an IDEAS major the freedom to find her interests.

From ancient clues, Dork Sahagian calculates land elevations as they change over time.



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