Goodman Stadium

Mobility-Impaired Parking & Seating Options

Carefully review the information below and consider making the necessary plans to help make the day as comfortable as possible for you and your guests.

We have a limited number of mobility-impaired parking spaces and seating for the University Commencement Ceremony for those in need.

To request a Mobility-Impaired Parking Permit, please email with your name, mailing address, and telephone number to receive a permit to park your vehicle in this designated area. Permits will be mailed two weeks prior to the ceremony. No reservations will be taken after Wednesday, April 29.

If you already have an accessible parking tag of your own, you may use it to access this designated area in lieu of a University issued permit.

Mobility-Impaired Parking Details

This parking is located at Stabler Arena. There are three shuttle bus stops with benches along this parking area. The shuttle bus will drop you off at the entrance to Goodman Stadium. Shuttle buses will run continuously throughout the ceremony. The buses are able to lower completely to the ground to help guests with or without wheelchairs in and out of the bus. We ask that only two members of the party use the shuttle and plan to meet the rest of your party in front of the stadium at the shuttle drop off. You do not need a ticket to board the bus.

The shuttle buses will be waiting in front of Goodman Stadium to return guests to the Stabler Arena parking lot following the ceremony.

Wheelchair Seating

Limited wheelchair space is located along the railings and is on a first-come, first-served basis. We ask that only one member accompanies them in this area. Ushers near these areas will be able to provide a folding chair for this guest. Remaining party members are asked to sit in the bleachers. Please be advised that the University does not provide wheelchairs. Guests will need to provide their own wheelchair should they require the use of one.

Seating for Individuals with Disabilities

For individuals who do not require a wheelchair, seating is located on the top row of the bottom section of seats (these seats require one large step down). Seating is also located on the bottom row of the upper section of seats (these seats require four large steps up). We do not take reservations for these seats. They are on a first-come, first-served basis. They are bleacher seats with no backs. We encourage you to bring a stadium seat if you need back support. We ask that only one member accompanies them in this row; remaining party members are asked to sit in the rows directly in front or behind them. If your guest uses a walker, we highly suggest their walker is labeled. Walkers may need to be stored under the stands area once guest is seated, so it does not block aisles or cause a tripping hazard for other guests.

Guests are encouraged to arrive at the stadium when gates open at 8:45 a.m.

Additional Viewing Options

For your comfort and convenience, an indoor ceremony viewing site will be available in Stabler Arena located south of Goodman Stadium. The arena is ADA accessible offering chairs with backs, concession stands, and restrooms. Commencement programs will be distributed inside the front entrance. Shuttles will be available to transport guests between the stadium and arena during the ceremony in case your guests change their mind on where they would like to view the ceremony.

In addition, the Commencement Ceremony will be streamed online on the main Lehigh Commencement page. If your guests are unable to attend, they will be able to watch and enjoy the Commencement Ceremony from any location with internet access.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of University Events at (610) 758-4682 or