Ph.D. in Mathematics

Ph.D. in Mathematics Overview

A Ph.D. in mathematics includes a comprehensive exam and qualifying exams in algebra and real analysis. Those working toward a Ph.D. on different tracks within mathematics need to complete additional testing in the appropriate areas. Students must also create a plan for additional advanced course work and cover research articles approved by a special committee. An advanced topic exam is given in the third year. A language exam may also be required, decided case by case. The Ph.D. program finishes with a general exam encompassing the thesis program, doctoral dissertation and its defense.

Those entering the program without a master’s need to take 72 credits, 48 of which are not dissertation credits. Students at Lehigh typically achieve a master’s in the process of obtaining the Ph.D. Those who are entering having already completed a master’s will need to take 48 credits, 18 of which are not dissertation credits. All students must complete MATH 316 and MATH 307.

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