Nanotechnology Minor

What is Nanotechnology?

Lehigh’s undergraduate minor in nanotechnology provides a core education in materials for nanotechnology, electronic properties of materials, physics of solids, physics and models of electronic devices, and chemical physics and bonding.

Nanotechnology is a field of growing scientific interest and technological importance. In particular, nanostructured materials have new properties unavailable in conventional materials. The synthesis, processing, and characterization of these materials require familiarity with concepts beyond those needed for typical engineering materials.

Nanotechnology Minor Contact

Associate Professor Sabrina Jedlicka, | (610) 758-4425
Academic Coordinator Janie Carlin, | (610) 758-4220

Nanotechnology Careers

Lehigh alumni with a minor in nanotechnology work in the electronics/semiconductor industry, in materials science including textiles, polymers, and packaging, in the auto and aerospace industries, in biotechnology, in forensics, and for the military. 

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