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Social, Emotional, Behavioral Wellness Overview

The SEBW Certificate Program provides training on supporting the social, emotional, and behavioral wellbeing of all pre-K to 12 students through flexible graduate training experiences, including a mixture of intensive, in-person coursework offered in a workshop format during the summer; online, individualized education courses with a mixture of asynchronous and synchronous learning offered in 1-credit modules; as well as traditional 3-credit courses.

In addition to providing educators with knowledge in promoting mental health wellness for all students, the SEBW Certificate Program will also train educators in the supplementary and intensive services that go beyond universal prevention and intervention approaches, to meet the full continuum of student need.

The program has been designed so that both pre-service and in-service educators across a range of educational fields can select one of four potential pathways through the program, and students are encouraged to select the pathway that best meets their professional needs. The program has been designed to be relevant to an interdisciplinary group of pre-service and in-service educators, including teachers, special education teachers, school counselors, school psychologists, and school administrators.

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