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Alumni Volunteers for Admission

Looking to share your love for Lehigh? Join us and become an alumni representative of Lehigh University’s Office of Admissions.

What is AVA ?

The newly launched Alumni Volunteers for Admission (AVA) program will allow Lehigh alumni to connect with prospective students and serve as knowledgeable ambassadors of Lehigh. As extensions of the Office of Admissions, you will engage with students in every step of their college search journey - from first impression to celebrating their arrival on campus in August.

AVA members will represent Lehigh throughout the year by sharing their Lehigh journey and stories in the following ways:


Interested in Joining AVA ?

Thank you for your interest in Alumni Volunteers for Admission! Registration for the 2023-2024 cycle is currently closed, and will re-open in Summer 2024 for the following season. Please contact with inquiries or questions.

Contact Us

DonTerrius Walker
Admissions Counselor
AVA Co-Director
Mackenzie McCann
Admissions Counselor
AVA Co-Director

Available Positions


AVA members will connect with prospective students and serve as knowledgeable ambassadors of Lehigh. Active recruitment, interview and yield efforts will be pursued at the request of the AVA Program Manager and directed and overseen by the college-specific or affinity group AVA Captain(s).


Volunteers are expected to sign a confidentiality agreement and participate in the annual new member training each year. Each volunteer is expected to engage in one or more of the following ways:

  • Serve as an ambassador of the institution and remain informed about campus initiatives, offerings and admissions information
  • Represent Lehigh at fall and potentially spring college fairs in your region
  • Conduct virtual interviews with applicants in your college-specific or affinity group
  • Submit an interview write-up for each applicant within a week of the interview
  • Attend various events in the spring including but not limited to Alumni Interview Events and Alumni Panels
  • Aid in yield initiatives and programs throughout the spring and early summer including outreach to students interviewed in the fall, emails to parents and families highlighting the value in your Lehigh experience and other strategies to be crafted
  • Engage in virtual sessions each month that will highlight offices / resources on campus

Time Commitment

  • One hour per interview including set up of meeting, 30 minute interview and write-up at conclusion
  • Two to three hours per college fair, depending on fair structure
  • January through June: one to two hours per month related to yield activities and initiatives


The AVA Program aims to expand the reach and support the strategy of Lehigh University’ s Office of Admissions staff by having alumni represent the institution throughout the world. Captains will lead a college-specific or affinity team of Alumni Volunteers for Admission (AVA) members, assisting the AVA Program Manager. This one-year role will allow alumni the opportunity to impact the organization, advance and ensure the success of the program and support fellow volunteers while working with other captains assigned to their cohort.


The Captains are volunteers dedicated to streamlining processes and ensuring the experience for all involved in the program is a positive one. Captains will be expected to:

  • Establish regular communication with their college-specific or affinity cohort in which coaching is provided and information, assignments and materials are disseminated
  • Coordinate strategy and oversight with other potential team captains of your group
  • Oversee the matching of students and alumni for interviews in your group and troubleshoot any issues that might arise
  • Support the AVA Coordinator in advertising fairs that need coverage to your members
  • Identify volunteers who would be the best fit for winter and spring programing including but not limited to Alumni Interview Events, Alumni Panels and Coffee Connections
  • Provide quarterly highlights to the AVA Assistant Program Manager for newsletters
  • Attend monthly check-in meetings with the AVA Program Manager
  • Aid in recruitment of additional AVA members throughout the year
  • Assist with trainings and projects as defined by the AVA Program Manager

Time Commitment

  • One hour monthly check-in with AVA Program Manager
  • September through December: four to six hours a month related to interview and college fair assignments
  • January through June: one to two: hours a month related to programs and yield initiatives