Hands-on Experience Since Day One

Alex Silber '24

"If you are looking for a school that offers strong academics and a close-knit community, Lehigh is the place for you. As an engineer, Lehigh has offered me so many opportunities to get hands-on experience as well as an education where I feel known in the classroom. Regarding the community, I don’t think you can get much better than Lehigh. Everyone here is friendly, welcoming and inclusive. There is not a cutthroat environment, and students feel comfortable to be their true selves."

Q: How has Lehigh prepared you to take on tomorrow’s challenges?

A: Lehigh has provided me opportunities to get hands-on experiences since day one. In my engineering classes and clubs I’ve had the opportunity to build and learn how everyday devices such as engines work. Outside of engineering, I’ve had the opportunity to build my own products within the product design minor program. Most recently I built a clock that is being sold in an art gallery in Allentown, PA, about 20 minutes from Lehigh’s campus.

Q: Where have you found support and mentorship at Lehigh?

A: I have found support within my friends at Lehigh. When I came to Lehigh, I knew I wanted to be a part of Greek life because I wanted to be a part of another community within Lehigh. I have been able to find amazing friends and make connections with people I never would have been able to without it. Outside of Greek life, I have also found support within the tour guide program, and mentorship with my academic and career coaches who have helped me accomplish the challenging task of receiving a mechanical engineering degree, and minors in product design and business.

Q: Tell us a little about LU Enable and how it relates to your major in mechanical engineering and minors in product design and business?

A: I found Enable when I was a first year at Lehigh. It was the one of the only clubs that I could find where I knew I could make an immediate impact. LU Enable has the mission to create 3D printed prosthetics for amputees who can’t afford more expensive prosthetics. At Lehigh, we are able to 3D print a working hand for about $5, compared to a prosthetic which could cost more than $1,000. We meet each week in Wilbur Powerhouse (the maker lab) where each team uses Solidworks (a 3D design software) and works to build a new type of prosthetic that can solve an everyday problem an amputee can face. As president, it’s my job to facilitate this creative and engineering process, and ensure students are making prosthetics that operate, but are also comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for amputees to use.

Q: What is a classroom or extracurricular activity at Lehigh that helped you determine (or solidified) what you want to pursue in future?

A: My product design courses have shown me that I want to work in the consumer product field. During my time at Lehigh, I’ve been able to build a speaker, water-cut chair and a clock which could all be ready to use by consumers. By being an engineer and product designer, I’m able to take the best of both worlds and create products that work and look good for users. By having this hands-on experience during my education, I have quickly learned that I want to work with consumer product companies, and Lehigh has prepared me to immediately take my education, and apply it in the workforce. In addition, I’ve been able to get an additional minor in business which has allowed me to take that knowledge of engineering and design, and understand the financial and marketing constraints.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Lehigh?

A: The campus. Our campus is absolutely stunning and it is something that I try to cherish every day as I walk past the front lawn. The old gothic style buildings, as well as trees, grass, and nature make it very special. I don’t know many other college campuses where I can walk and see a deer strolling along next to me.

Q: Where is your study spot of choice on campus?

A: I love studying at the brand new Singleton, Hitch, and Maida House dorms. They are right next to my fraternity chapter house, and are a quick 30-second walk. On top of having a cafe and a gym, there are tons of study spaces where I know I can get work done without the hecticness of my friends.


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