Job Placement Success

At Lehigh, we provide the real-world collaborative experience, professional development and career advisement that will prepare you for success. Our Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD) offers individual career coaching to help you in your career development journey. No matter where you are along the way—choosing a major, exploring employment within an industry, developing a resume, interviewing for your first position after graduation, preparing for graduate school or negotiating an offer—our career coaches will assist you with every step. The CCPD provides you with information on resume writing, interview preparation, networking, industries, job titles, graduate and professional schools, market trends, employers, salaries and much more. Students use our Handshake database to apply for internships and jobs, register for career events and apply for on-campus interviews. 87% of students have an internship or co-op experience while at Lehigh, providing valuable experiential learning that prepares our students for career success.

After graduation, you’ll become part of the loyal Lehigh family—80,000 alumni around the world who are ready and willing to network and guide fellow alumni. Lehigh students can connect with alumni through our active and engaged LinkedIn Group.

To discover where Lehigh can take you, check out where the Class of 2016 landed after graduation.

Career Outcomes: Class of 2016

Overall, 95% of the class of 2016 achieved career-related employment, entered graduate school, or landed other opportunities within their plan.

Undergraduate student outcome data for the Lehigh University Class of 2016 includes students who received bachelor’s degrees between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. Of the 1,159 bachelor degree recipients, verifiable postgraduation career activities were obtained for 88% of the graduates.

Undergraduate Outcomes Survey

This data was acquired from graduates, employers, university staff members, parents, and LinkedIn profiles.

landed opportunities within their plan

"Graduate School" includes Lehigh President’s Scholars. Under this program, students who graduate with a GPA of 3.75 or higher may qualify to take a fifth year of classes tuition free. “Other” includes service programs, military, and non-employment by choice.

Launching Career Journeys

A Customized Approach

The Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD) uses a four-year learning cycle that helps students take charge of their career development. Our career coaching team works with students through each phase of the cycle — helping students reach their goals and potential, understand who they are, and where they want to go.

Career Education

Students benefit from a supportive campus culture where faculty, staff, alumni, and industry partners play an active role in their career development. Our career coaching team is embedded in the three undergraduate colleges to deliver customized career education and opportunities to targeted student populations.

  • 4,096 attendees at career events and programs
  • 2,827 interviews with employers on campus
  • 3,269 one-on-one career coaching appointments
  • 10,000+ interactions with CCPD programs and resources

Career Connections

The mission of CCPD is to provide career education and connections that support student success. We fulfill this mission by actively developing opportunities for students to connect with industry partners and alumni through externships, internships, co-ops, immersion trips, career expos, full-time positions, on-campus interviews, and career programs.

  • 230 companies interviewed students on campus
  • 2,073 students connected with 236 employers during fall and spring career expos
  • 158 alumni in the newly-launched Lucid mentor program
  • 3,585 full-time positions posted
  • 1,022 co-ops and internships posted