Estimate Your Financial Need

Lehigh’s strong commitment to need based financial aid is designed to minimize student loan indebtedness. Utilize tools to determine a loose estimate of your financial need.

Meeting 100% of financial need and minimizing student loan indebtedness, Lehigh University is committed to a strong need based financial aid program. The gap between the cost of attendance and the calculated Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is the Calculated Financial Need. We use a combination of grants, scholarships, work study, and loans to cover 100% of financial need. The amount of loans used to do so will not exceed $5,000 per academic year. Students may qualify for our Loan Elimination and Loan Reduction initiatives as determined by their family’s calculated annual income as illustrated below.

Loan Reduction Initiatives

Family Total Income1Loans Used to Meet Calculated Financial Need2
$0 - $75,0000 (Loan Elimination3)
$75,001 - $150,000≤ $2,000 (Loan Reduction3)
> $150,000≤ $5,000 (Standard)

1. Family Total Income: Family calculated annual income is a combination of taxable and untaxed income, includes both custodial and non-custodial income and may include items added back to income such as losses that are merely tax allowances.

2. Calculated Financial Need: A family’s calculated financial need is the difference between the total cost of attendance for the year and the calculated EFC.

3. Family Asset Net Worth: Qualification for Loan Elimination or Loan Reduction requires a calculated family asset net worth of less than $500,000.


Cost of Attendance: $69,650
- Expected Family Contribution: $10,000*
= Financial Need: $59,650

*Calculated based on total family income less than $75,000 with a family asset net worth less than $500,000.

In this example, the student qualifies for Loan Elimination (based on total income and net worth of assets), so zero loans are used to meet the $59,650. 100% of the $59,650 financial need is covered through financial aid grants, scholarships, and a small work study award.

Please Note: Our commitment to reducing loans does not eliminate an Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The EFC is the responsibility of the family and may be paid utilizing current income, savings, a payment plan, and/or loan options (that may result in borrowing in excess of our initiatives above). Additional borrowing is at the discretion of the family and is not packaged to meet financial need.

Additionally, financial aid applications submitted after required deadlines, or special circumstances and other changes that occur after our funds have been exhausted, may result in unmet financial need or the use of loans to meet need in excess of stated packaging initiatives.

Useful Resources

Lehigh's Net Price Calculator

We encourage students to utilize the Net Price Calculator, which is a tool for students and their parents that gives an idea of a student's eligibility for financial aid and estimates their out-of-pocket expenses.  Even if you're not going to college in the near future, the net price calculator will help you to learn about college costs and gather financial aid information. You can create "what if" scenarios based on expected family income and anticipated expenses, so you can start to plan and save well before applying to college. We strongly encourage families to contact our office if you utilize this tool to determine accuracy and to discuss the results in greater detail.

The College Board

A comprehensive site that provides an opportunity to calculate estimates of family contribution under both the Federal and Institutional methodologies. You can register for, and actually complete and file, the CSS Financial Aid PROFILE Application, required by Lehigh University for aid consideration, by using this site. View the College Board's Expected Family Contribution Calculator.

The U.S. Department of Education Website and Online Application

At this website, you can obtain information about federal student aid. To complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is required for all federal aid and most state grant programs, please visit the Federal Student Aid website.

Important Financial Aid Deadlines

The details below will help you understand your responsibilities and provide a timeline to ensure you have the best possible financial aid package in place for the upcoming academic year.
Student TypeDeadline to Submit Required FormsAward Notification
Early Decision INovember 1Mid-December
Early Decision IIJanuary 1 Mid-February
Regular DecisionFebruary 1 
(Non-U.S. citizens: January 1)
Late March
Current StudentsMarch 15Late June
Fall TransferApril 1Late May


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