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2017 Annual Report

Living Lives ofConsequence

The life of a scholar is a constant quest for knowledge, understanding, context, solutions and answers that continue to elude even the greatest minds.

The best universities nurture this culture where scholars can pursue their noble quests, grounded in passion, purpose and pragmatism. The gains from the search for creative solutions to complex problems are not limited only to those directly engaged in this pursuit, but also to society at large. We all can learn and benefit from the deeper understanding that is a by-product of this process, and from the very real solutions that emerge from it.


Stephanie Powell Watts flipping pages in book
What is the power of storytelling?
Gordon Moskowitz
Are we all inherently biased?
Student Miles Davis
What is permaculture and why does it matter?
Chris Burke
Can a university help address the opioid epidemic?
Kalyani Singh
How do you give a voice to the disenfranchised?
Xiaolei Huang at computer
Can artificial intelligence lead to a more humane society?
Cheryl Matherly with spinning globe
What is global competency and why does it matter?
Naomi Rothman
What makes a great leader?
Arup SenGupta
How can we provide clean water for everyone on earth?
Ricardo Hall
How can you prepare students for such a tumultuous world?
Donald Outing
Is a truly equitable campus achievable?
Dr. Floyd Beachum tapping book
Are we overreliant on educators to address societal ills?
Lisa Getzler with robotics in the background
Are entrepreneurs born or made?
Santiago Herrera and Jill McDermott
Can we save our dying oceans?
Sanjay Shah
Why is it important to be a lifelong learner?


Letter from the President and Chairman of the Board
Lehigh NasdaqCenter
Lehigh students recently participated in LehighSiliconValley, the Baker Institute’s immersive experience that takes students to dozens of startups and innovation-focused companies throughout California’s Silicon Valley. The “live case” learning environment pairs students with proven entrepreneurs, inventors, product design experts and others who are building new enterprises in a dominant startup ecosystem. Lehigh@NasdaqCenter in San Francisco provided a venue for the program that brought together the successful LSV program and Lehigh’s new “home” on the West Coast.

Our Path Forward

By any measure, 2017 was a year of great accomplishment by Lehigh students, faculty and staff and a year of progress and accelerating momentum for the university.

A new College of Health, slated to open in 2020, is advancing rapidly. A partnership with NASDAQ in California continues to bolster our strong position in entrepreneurship and innovation. An academic partnership with Ashoka University in India will enhance our international profile, building upon faculty and graduate student collaborations in 55 countries. Locally, Lehigh continues to be a catalyst for the remarkable transformation of South Bethlehem.

Three new engineering institutes in the Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science are being established. The opening of an Autism Clinic in the College of Education will provide treatment for children and advance research into even more effective treatment and approaches. In the College of Arts and Sciences, students are working closely with world-class faculty on scholarship and research in the social sciences, arts, humanities and natural sciences. A new fulltime one-year MBA program in the College of Business has quickly gained momentum.

Our aggressive plans to grow the number of undergraduate and graduate students is well underway, and we break ground this spring on a new 428-bed residence hall. A Lehigh education equips students to excel in a fast-changing world, and we will offer this transformative experience to an additional 1,000 undergraduate and 800 graduate students.

Fulfilling our ambitions requires first-rate facilities. As we will build, renovate and revitalize academic and research facilities, student living and learning spaces, and the evolving Mountaintop campus, we will enable our outstanding faculty to collaborate, work across disciplines and do their best work. Students will inhabit an environment that prepares them to tackle the challenges of our time and become the next generation of leaders.

This is an exciting time for Lehigh. This excitement and passion is driven by Lehigh people. In these pages, you will see people who are committed to making a difference in the world. Like so many Lehigh people, they are living lives of consequence.

John D. SimonJohn D. SimonPRESIDENT
Kevin L. ClaytonKevin L. ClaytonCHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD

2017 Annual Report

In this year's Annual Report, Lehigh looks forward with a bold plan for a promising future and looks back on a year of accomplishment.

2017 Financial Report

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