The Lehigh Story

With an established institution like Lehigh, a brand campaign is not about creating something new but instead serves as the platform that validates who we are and what we stand for. The Lehigh story is about showcasing our unique characteristics and enduring values in an effort to preserve and embrace the most differentiating and compelling aspects of Lehigh.

We will rally behind a single essential message tied to the idea that Lehigh is a university leading the way for a new standard of higher education. That important message: LEHIGH IS REDEFINING WHAT IT MEANS TO LEAD.

It's the combination of pragmatism and humanism that sets Lehigh apart and is at the core of educating and training great leaders. It is these types of new leaders—focused on a practical approach to problem solving that puts humanity first—that will make significant impact on the complex challenges facing our world today, and tomorrow.

On this site you will find important resources to help tell the Lehigh story in a way that supports our goals. Review our brand story for inspiration, check out the examples of work that incorporates the "new type of leader" platform, and use the visual identity system as a resource.

If you have questions or need advice please contact: Ira Rubien.

At Lehigh, collaboration comes naturally. Students work together across disciplines, years and nationalities. Student teams have designed many of our athletic facilities through the Integrated Learning Experience. In the Integrated Product Development program, interdisciplinary teams tackle real-world projects provided by industry partners. And the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry gathers young adults from around the world to learn to work together.
—Alice P. Gast Lehigh President, 2006-14 Alumni Bulletin, Winter 2012-13