Filming at Lehigh

Policy on Photographing and Videotaping in Lehigh Buildings and Facilities

Advance permission is required for filming on Lehigh property. All requests should be sent to Communications and Public Affairs.

Photography or videotaping that is carried out by the university or an educational or non-profit entity and is intended for educational or public affairs use will be permitted (subject to logistical and security concerns detailed below). Use of photography or videotape for advertising of commercial products or services is prohibited.

Generally, permission to photograph or videotape will be limited to pictures of the exterior of buildings or facilities. In the exceptional case where videotaping or photography of interior property is permitted (for example, a video or still photographs being produced by Lehigh for its own use or in the unusual case of a public panel discussion to be videotaped for later broadcast), a number of special circumstances in addition to the general ones of disruption, etc., listed above need to be considered, including:

  • Have all the participants (including students or audience members) been notified of and given permission to the videotaping?
  • Are alternative seats available for any audience member who does not wish to be videotaped?
  • Have copyright permissions been granted from all potential copyright holders?

In reviewing requests, the following will be considered: whether the purpose of the photography or videotaping furthers the university's educational mission; the level of potential disruption to students, staff and faculty; the expense, inconvenience and/or potential damage to property of the university; and the potential for misrepresentation or misunderstanding of university association with the project.

The names and trademarks of Lehigh University or any of its units may not be used in promoting a video or other project without specific advance permission of Communications and Public Affairs, even when permission to photograph or videotape has been given.

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