Computer Science at Lehigh

Dedicated to excellence in both education and research, Lehigh’s computer science programs have long provided students with rigorous training in mathematics, science and computer science fundamentals. Through challenging coursework and independent study, students at the undergraduate and graduate levels collaborate with faculty on cutting-edge research projects and learn to navigate the rapidly evolving field of computer science.  

Lehigh’s computer science programs promote the essentials of the discipline—the fundamentals of discrete mathematics, structured programming, algorithms, computer architectures, operating systems and programming languages—while allowing students to explore the frontiers of computer science and its potential to enable dramatic advances in other disciplines.

Our more than 250 undergraduate and 70 graduate students benefit from the tailored experience typical of a small university while taking advantage of the amenities only found at a leading research institution. Exceptional faculty, state-of-the-art computing and laboratory facilities, and an advanced high-speed campus network provide an ideal environment for collaboration, innovation and discovery.

DataX will broaden the scope of Lehigh’s already strong commitment to interdisciplinary learning. With over twenty existing interdisciplinary programs designed to cross the boundaries between colleges and accommodate new and developing fields, Lehigh enables students to achieve distinctive professional goals through personalized academic experiences. As our world becomes ever more focused on technology, the fundamentals of computer science can equip students of all disciplines to make a significant difference in their chosen fields.

Demonstrated Excellence

Our faculty members maintain an outstanding international reputation in a variety of research areas.

  • Professors Michael Spear, Brian Davison, Hector Munoz-Avila, Gang Tan, Jeff Heflin and John Spletzer have received the prestigious NSF CAREER award, one of the most prestigious awards available to young researchers in CSE.
  • Professor Liang Cheng received Best Service Award as the Local Chair of IEEE MASS 2014 (The 11th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Systems).
  • Professor Mooi Choo Chuah was elevated to IEEE Fellow effective January 1, 2015 for her contributions to wireless network system and protocol design.
  • Professor Hector Muñoz-Avila was named program director in NSF’s Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering.
  • Professor Brian Chen received the 2013-14 Excellence in Teaching Award given by the Spira Foundation.
  • Professors John Spletzer and Mooi Choo Chuah were awarded an NSF grant for their project "REU Site: The Lehigh Smart Spaces Project".
  • Lehigh will host the Fourteenth International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) in October 2015.

Extensive Support

Research projects by faculty and students have received funding from:

National Science Foundation
Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation
Lockheed Martin

A Commitment to Interdisciplinary Study

Lehigh’s commitment to using computer science to further knowledge in a variety of fields is evident in the participation of key faculty members from a range of disciplines.

Georgette Phillips, Dean of the College of Business and Economics
Jack Lule, Professor and Chair of Journalism and Communication
David Griffiths, Professor and Chair of Marketing
Hank Korth, Professor and Interim Chair of Computer Science and Engineering
Neal Simon, Professor of Biological Sciences and co-Director, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Bioscience Education Award
Vassie Ware, Professor of Biological Sciences and co-Director, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Bioscience Education Award


Professor Eric P. S. Baumer’s new NSF-funded study will examine data privacy styles with an eye toward understanding how to design human-centered technology to support various user approaches to data privacy. 

Professor Eric Baumer’s study shows Facebook users are more likely to be older, female, higher-income earners, married and ideologically liberal; study also reveals socioeconomic inequalities in Facebook use and non-use.


As participants in the University Partnerships Program, the staff of The Brown and White access critical publication data in exchange for research.