For Faculty

Recognized among the nation’s premier research universities, Lehigh offers an intellectually stimulating environment where researchers bring the highest level of scholarship to all the work they do on behalf of the university, their disciplines and society.

A Collaborative, Ambitious Environment for Research

Lehigh provides scholars with an environment that facilitates open dialogue and meaningful exchange. We value human interaction, encouraging faculty, staff and students from disparate fields of study to work side-by-side and share knowledge with fellow scholars.

We support the kind of interdisciplinary exchange that sparks surprising insights and helps address the multidimensional problems of the 21st century, and we are committed to helping prepare students—through initiatives such as Data X and others—to compete in a world that is being increasingly impacted by data and technology.

Data X Innovation Grants

Data X Innovation Grants support Lehigh faculty in their efforts to take research involving data-related inquiry to the next level. The program aims to help researchers contribute substantially to innovation in data analysis. Learn More >


Current Faculty Searches


Lehigh welcomes applications for Data X faculty searches in computer science, the life sciences, consumer analytics and digital media. Learn More >