The Council for Equity and Community

Guide for Completing Funding Application & Assessment Forms

Aligned with the mission of the Council for Equity and Community (“CEC”), the CEC provides funding support for programs that promote diversity, inclusion, equity, and multiculturalism at Lehigh and among the Lehigh community.

Mission: The Mission of the Council for Equity and Community (the “CEC” or “Council”) is to:

  • Foster, encourage, and emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion through recognizing, understanding, and celebrating differences and successes within the Lehigh community.
  • To help the campus uphold the University’s commitment to the Principles of Equitable Community and to create an equitable experience for all community members.

CEC Funding Application

Incomplete application forms will not be considered for funding. You may resubmit your application; however, if you miss a submission deadline, your application form will not be considered until the next deadline. Funding will only be considered for events that have not yet taken place.

Submission deadlines:

Applications are reviewed on the last Friday of every month. Please submit your applications at least one month prior to your event.

Anticipated Strategic Levels:

Please consider how the event will impact or change your audience. Is the event intended to impact the attendees on a personal level, changing their thoughts and feelings and increasing awareness and openness to learning? Is the event intended to impact the attendees on an interpersonal or group level, aiming to strengthen group communication and impacting relationships between people? Is the event intended to identify structural barriers at the institution and create policies, practices, programs and processes that support equity and equitable outcomes? Is the event aimed at creating environments representative of and welcoming to the organization’s diversity and celebrating and utilizing differences?


Please provide an estimate of the number of attendees expected at the event. A more accurate attendance breakdown will be required on the Assessment Form.

Consideration of Requests:

Funding Application Forms are read by CEC committee members and rated based on weighing the following areas:

  • Goals and outcomes
  • Description/summary
  • Timeline
  • Measures of project effectiveness
  • Plans for assessing event
  • Budget


If your event is approved for funding, you will receive 100 percent of the money allocated upon approval. Within two weeks of your event, you will be required to complete the CEC Funding Assessment Form.

In addition, if you are approved for funding, you will be expected to provide either copies of your promotional materials to the CEC or a written description of your event that can be included in the CEC’s blog and in its emails.

CEC Funding Assessment Form

The completed Assessment Form is due within two weeks of the conclusion of your event.


Accurate numbers are preferred but estimates will be accepted. The CEC will use this data to determine the reach of diversity and inclusion efforts across campus.


Using the goals from the Application Form, rate the success of each goal according to the scale provided.


Using the provided scale, rate the success of the event.

Strategic Levels:

Using the provided scale, rate the strategic levels the event actually reached.

Promotional materials or written descriptions of the event may be included in the CEC’s blog and emails and other materials.

If you have any questions regarding this Assessment Guide, the Application Form, budget proposal, Assessment Form, or funding allocation, please contact