Emergency Information

Medical Emergency

Call Lehigh University Police at 8-4200 (on-campus) or (610) 758-4200 (off-campus).

What to do during a medical emergency:

  • Call Lehigh University Police at 8-4200 (on-campus) or (610) 758-4200 (off-campus).
  • Give the dispatcher as much information as possible regarding the nature of the injury/illness, whether or not the victim is conscious, etc.
  • DO NOT hang up until directed to do so by the dispatcher, so that the information can be forwarded to the emergency personnel.
  • After making the emergency call:
    • Return to the victim.
    • Keep the victim as calm and comfortable as possible.
    • Remain with the victim until police officers arrive.
    • You may provide First Aid, CPR and use an AED if such equipment is available, you have been trained, and you can do so safely and appropriately.

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Emergency Numbers

Lehigh University Police

(610) 758-4200

Bethlehem Police

911 (on campus)