Emergency Aid

Thanks to the generous contributions of alumni, parents and friends, Lehigh University is able to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students who have experienced unexpected expenses. Emergency aid can be in the form of a grant or loan and can be used to cover unexpected expenses including (but not limited to):

  • Travel Expenses due to a death or illness in the family
  • Emergency Medical and/or Dental costs (not otherwise covered by insurance)
  • Cost of book and supplies that are above and beyond the standard allowance included in your financial aid ($500/semester)
  • Replacement of items lost due to fire or theft
  • Fees to participate in experiences that support personal, professional, and educational development such as training seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.

Emergency aid cannot cover:

  • Any costs that are already covered in a need-based aid package (standard cost of attendance includes tuition and fees, standard room and board allowance, $1,000 book allowance and $1,065 miscellaneous expenses)
  • Parking tickets or other fines

Emergency aid opportunities are administered by the Dean of Students and Financial Aid Offices. Students who are in need of emergency aid should complete the application for funding. The application will be reviewed by the committee which consists of representatives from the Dean of Students Office as well as the Financial Aid Office. If the request is approved, the committee will determine the appropriate level of funding and notify the student immediately.

To request emergency aid, please visit lehigh.edu/go/emergencyfunds.


Default Fee

A default fee is used by the guarantor to maintain reserve funds to reimburse lenders if a student/parent borrower fails to repay a loan (defaults.) Therefore, guarantors may charge a 1% fee.

Financial Aid Notification (FAN)

The offer of financial aid prepared by the Office of Financial Aid after completing a needs analysis. The award letter lists the types and amounts of aid offered and the terms and conditions of that aid. The letter also contains the necessary paperwork that must be completed and returned to the Office of Financial Aid to accept the aid offered. We typically include special information or messages regarding the needs analysis process on the back of the award letter.