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With a focus on population health, Lehigh’s innovative new College of Health will make important, lasting contributions to the world of health, and will play a key role in helping meet the fast-growing employment needs of the health sector.

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Under the leadership of Inaugural Dean Whitney P. Witt, the College will prepare the next generation of scientists and leaders in population health through innovative course work, distance learning, and experiential learning opportunities. Learn more about the College >


Serving Populations and Communities

The mission of the College of Health is to understand, preserve, and improve the health and well-being of populations and communities through excellence and innovation in education, research, and service.

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A Focus on Population Health

There is growing recognition of the need to focus more broadly on the idea of “health,” not solely health care. This is why Lehigh is intentionally launching its college with a focus on population health, which is dedicated to advancing our understanding of multiple determinants of health, and how they interact to produce health outcomes. Health care systems and organizations can then use this information to improve health outcomes.

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A Focus on Health Data Analytics

Though vast amounts and myriad variety of data are being collected in our ever-more tech-driven world, there remains a shortage of researchers who understand how to use it—or even recognize what data sets are pertinent to health. Our College will play an important role in analyzing datasets of all kinds, and driving proactive intervention to improve health for millions.

“Our College is committed to advancing understanding of the multiple determinants of health, from cell to society, and how they affect outcomes for individuals, communities and generations.”
- Whitney P. Witt, Inaugural Dean




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Featured News

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Political Scientist Eduardo Gomez to Join the College of Health

Gomez comes to Lehigh from King’s College London, where he currently serves as a senior lecturer in the department of international development.

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Fathima Wakeel of Lehigh University's College of Health

Fathima Wakeel to Join College of Health Faculty

Wakeel, a founding faculty member of Ferris State University’s public health program, will arrive in January 2020 as an associate professor in the College of Health. 

Innovative Thinking in Health Care

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