Investment Office

Investment Office Overview

The Investment Office manages both endowment and university assets of approximately $2.1 billion. The Endowment serves as a key source of funding to the University each year, providing for scholarships, academic programs, and faculty endowed chairs.

The Endowment is a long-term perpetual asset. Its role is to provide financial support to the benefit of both the current generation and future generations of Lehigh students. Therefore, the investment program maintains a long-term focus.

Good stewardship of this asset is of the highest importance, which is why the Endowment is managed by an Investment Office and overseen by an Investment Subcommittee of the Board of Trustees. The Investment Subcommittee, a group of alumni investment professionals, sets investment policy in keeping with Lehigh's long-term goals and objectives. The Investment Office is responsible for carrying out investment policy by investing the portfolio in a globally diversified mix of external managers, including equity, fixed income, hedge funds, private equity, and real assets.