The Mountaintop Experience

Mountaintop gives Lehigh students working across all disciplines the freedom to pursue creative and innovative answers to any number of challenges and open-ended questions. Both faculty mentors and students have described their time on Mountaintop as truly transformative--and one of the most inspiring experiences in their time at Lehigh. 

Michael Spear working with a student

Technology for smarter living spaces

Student researchers aim to equip homes and offices with intelligence.

Murray Itzkowitz

Mountaintop Mentor - Murray Itzkowitz

Professor of biological sciences Murray Itzkowitz, led a group of students in understanding the environment that best promotes the endangered pupfish’s mating and thus, chances for survival.

Students doing field research

Tackling indoor air pollution

Inside a mud hut, students seek a solution for developing countries.

Daily, I get to witness “ah-ha” moments like when a sociology student learns about the relevance of wind currents for our project or when an engineering student learns about the role of gender inequality in vulnerabilities to indoor air pollution."- Kelly Austin, Faculty Mentor


Portrait of Wisława Szymborska

An elusive Nobel laureate

A student film probes the life and poetry of Wisława Szymborska.

The GR2OW team turns the compost pile at the Lehigh Community Garden

One group’s trash is another’s compost

Lehigh’s GR2OW team aims to close the food loop on campus.

Lehigh Mountaintop Faculty Mentor Spletzer

Mountaintop Mentor - John Spletzer

John Spletzer, associate professor of computer science and engineering, discusses how he combined his recent NSF grant award with the Mountaintop student research program to mentor two teams at Lehigh in Summer 2014.

3-D-printed device designed to aid stroke victims

Helping youngsters with 3-D printing

A group of students at Mountaintop hope to aid young stroke victims with 3-D-printed devices.

"Here at Mountaintop, we can focus, fail, persevere, take time, keep asking, be mindful."- Nik Nikolov, Faculty Mentor