Support Mountaintop

An Urgent Need

A generous gift from Scott Belair in 2013 provided an inspirational $20 million in seed money for the initiative, enabling physical renovations of the Mountaintop bays. However, an ongoing source of funding for student projects has not yet been established for Mountaintop. With more students than ever before interested in the program, the need for funds is only growing. University budget dollars are partially filling the gap — for the moment. But to fully support Mountaintop projects, Lehigh University continues to seek immediate funding.

What You Can Help Make Possible

Here are just a few examples of proposed projects for summer 2017:

  • Advancing 3D Concrete Printing
  • The Neurogenetics of Creativity
  • Recycled Drywall Gypsum Conversion to High Value Products
  • Improving the Walkability and Increasing Students’ Use of the South Side
  • Growing Mushrooms to Fight Poverty and Food Insecurity in Cambodia


A typical Mountaintop project, with up to 10 students, costs about $50,000. The budget includes:

  • An average $5,000 stipend per undergraduate student, to cover summer living expenses
  • A $6,000 stipend per graduate student, to cover summer living expenses
  • Up to $10,000 for project expenses (such as specialized equipment, building supplies, technology, travel, etc.)

You can make the difference. At Mountaintop, Lehigh is creating a distinctive model of learning, where education comes from taking on and conquering unscripted challenges in the real world. Please join us. Together we can prepare young leaders who take risks, work together, and effect change. If you are interested in making a difference, please contact Kathleen Marano at (610) 758-2842 or For more information on Mountaintop, visit