Kurt Pfitzer

Editor and Writer Emeritus (Retired January 2018)
Office of Communications and Public Affairs

Colleagues praise his dedication, professionalism and integrity.

Richard Verma '90 served as U.S. ambassador to India from 2015 to 2017.

Benjamin G. Wright, University Distinguished Professor of Religion Studies, studies the origins of Christianity and history of Judaism. His eight books include a commentary on The Letter of Aristeas and a translation of The Book of Ben Sira.

A group of Lehigh engineers who collaborated with Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections (PADOC) develop a first-of-its-kind optimization model.

Interacting with data to unlock its potential

His colleagues remember him as a gracious man and a supportive, decisive leader.

His three-year term with the leadership organization runs through 2020.

The select group of leaders will engage members of campus communities in diversity initiatives.

A scholar urges Armenia to normalize relations with its neighbors.

In nine presentations, researchers cover lasers, devices, materials and other topics.

Organizers say the annual international event on Oct. 19-20 will be a ‘recovery project.’

Arts alumni take differing views of the applicability of creativity to non-arts jobs, researchers find.

Jim Gunton, former dean and renowned physicist, to be honored at retirement symposium.

Nicholas Strandwitz receives DOE grant to explore promising fabrication technique.

The Bessel Award will support his use of computational biophysics to fight drug-resistant bacteria.

String theory, says Sera Cremonini, connects Einstein and quantum mechanics, and the Big Bang with black holes.

Economics professors study the effects of sulfur dioxide emissions from a coal-fired power plant on baby birth weights

Longtime BioE program director Anand Jagota to serve as Founding Chair.

Computer-aided diagnostic technique could reduce need for second surgeries, researchers say.

Researchers shed light on the evolution of terms like “shedding light.”