Kurt Pfitzer

Editor and Writer
Office of Communications and Public Affairs
(610) 758-3017

Kurt Pfitzer is associate editor of the Lehigh Alumni Bulletin and one of the editors of the Lehigh’s news websites.

Pfitzer joined Lehigh’s staff in 1986 after working as a news reporter for several newspapers, including the Tucson Citizen, the Doylestown (Pa.) Daily Intelligencer and The Philadelphia Inquirer. He holds an M.A. in journalism from the University of Arizona and a bachelor’s in piano performance from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. He is also organist for St. Isidore’s Roman Catholic Church in Quakertown, Pa.

Judith Lasker writes what the New York Times calls a "best-practices manual" for short-term volunteer trips, a growing phenomenon that has sparked both support and criticism.

China’s jailed dissidents, says Teng Biao, represent their country’s true future.

An internship in Uganda gives an IDEAS major the freedom to find her interests.

From ancient clues, Dork Sahagian calculates land elevations as they change over time.

Her visit on March 20 kicks off a series of events devoted to “Music of the Mind.”

Geoffrey Andrews ’15 now models rocket engines at Purdue while working for NASA.

Lehigh chemists tame the destructive tendencies of a leading anti-fungal drug.

If we rename our epoch, will it prod us to acknowledge our impact on the planet?

Successful peacemaking between longstanding adversaries, a new book argues, is almost always imposed by states from the top down and then sustained by societies.

Seismologist is honored for leading community-driven and guided Earth science initiatives.

Researchers use OS and hardware level factors to ‘fingerprint’ 99.24 percent of users.

A novel test facility sheds light on the hydrodynamic instabilities that limit the efficiency of the fusion reactor.

String theory, says Sera Cremonini, links Einstein and quantum mechanics, and the Big Bang with black holes.

Optics journal’s special issue probes the efficiency of the nonlinear optical response.

Invitation is a first for the Lehigh student chapter of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute.

American Talent Initiative brings together 30 schools to improve enrollment and graduation rates.

Lehigh engineers demonstrate calcium-mediated attachment of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts to environmental biofilms.

The Fazlur Khan Chair will participate in and contribute to the Technical Sciences class.

His innovations have “paved the way for vastly improved lighting emitters and lasers.”

The last great Romantic symphony, says conductor Eugene Albulescu, embodies musical traditions from Mozart to Bruckner.