Kurt Pfitzer

Editor and Writer Emeritus (Retired January 2018)
Office of Communications and Public Affairs

Researchers shed light on the coin-making practices of the Roman Empire.

An associate professor of English uncovers a trove of forgotten writings by Catholic women living in post-Reformation England and in exile on the European continent.

 Suzanne Edwards writes The Afterlives of Rape in Medieval English Literature.

With modest telescopes, Josh Pepper and his KELT team are helping NASA find planets beyond the solar system that could hold life—or already do.

Researchers also hope to improve the design of planes, cars and underwater vehicles.

Graduate student wins competitive award for study of low-temperature PCMs.

The materials science professor had a zeal for thermodynamics and Johnny Carson.

A panel discussion analyzes the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Sociologist studies mental health for the marginalized.

Sociologist Kelly Austin leads a growing program that explores the intersections of health and society.

College offers many avenues for students and faculty to approach complex problems

Carrie Rich '07 sees a world filled with opportunities and possibilities

This issue examines the impact of interdisciplinary education in the College of Arts and Sciences

Michael Quesada '16G examines the history and policies behind the use of the Colorado River.

Anna Chupa's tiling designs are inspired by building tiles found in southern Spain.

Attorney Ollie Foucek '72 is one of the arts center's biggest champions.

Concert features new work by acclaimed composer Reena Esmail.

Ghana serves as a living laboratory for interdisciplinary student research.

Costuming three characters in an absurdist play was a collaborative effort.

Jenna Pastorini '17 examines a trauma-based cultural syndrome in Cambodia.