Kurt Pfitzer

Editor and Writer Emeritus (Retired January 2018)
Office of Communications and Public Affairs

The director of Counseling and Psychological Services will succeed John Smeaton.

Two friends are building an educational collection of African-American art.

Archaeologists fight the clock to solve a 1,300-year-old riddle.

Sociologists’ study uncovers no wage “penalty” for motherhood.

Student joins effort to find greener method of making quantum dots.

Alumna responds to the NEH’s challenge grant.

A Lehigh astronomer gathers observers from four continents to verify Kepler-1647 b.

A pioneer discusses the philosophy of life-cycle engineering.

Researchers win three national awards at TechConnect 2016.

An evolutionary biologist studies speciation in the Lehigh Valley.

Novelist Charles Johnson minds—and mines—the quiet moments of his life.

This issue of Acumen celebrates the diversity that is central to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Two architects collaborate with students to produce a special acoustic environment for singers.

Lehigh's Wind Ensemble helps the university celebrate its sesquicentennial.

A new play infuses the spirit of West Africa into southern Mississippi.

A new book examines the fruits of forced exile following the Protestant Reformation in England.

How the arts helped shape a totalitarian regime.

A 14th-century Jewish challenge to Aristotelian metaphysics undergoes its first translation.

Scholar studies Buddhist philosopher who mastered meditation techniques.

Xiaoji Xu probes nanometer-sized samples with scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy.