Lauren Stralo

Media Relations Associate
Office of Communications and Public Affairs
(610) 758-3969

Lauren Stralo is a media relations associate in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. In addition to assisting with media outreach at Lehigh, she writes stories for the university's online news site.

She joined Lehigh’s staff in 2014 after working as a web content editor. Her experience includes writing for several travel publications including National Geographic’s award-winning Intelligent Travel blog. She spent four months living in Dublin, Ireland her junior year of college, and was given the opportunity to write for her school’s travel blog as well.

Stralo holds a B.A. in visual communications and international studies from The Pennsylvania State University.

Study finds that the higher the concentration of cocoa exports, the more elevated the rates of deforestation.

New research led by Kelly Austin, associate professor of sociology at Lehigh, explores unequal exchange in the coffee industry

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New study led by Lehigh's Kelly Austin builds on evidence that human-induced changes to the natural environment are amplifying malaria transmission.

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