Linda Harbrecht

Director, University Communications
Office of Communications and Public Affairs
(610) 758-4838

Linda Harbrecht is the Director of Communications in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. In addition to writing about major university initiatives, programs and events, she also serves on Lehigh’s Crisis Management Team and provides editorial and strategic marketing support to the Student Affairs division.

An award-winning former journalist and former editor of Lehigh’s Alumni Bulletin, she has written extensively about faculty research, the history of the university and has contributed to university research publications during her nearly 18 years at Lehigh.

The Miller Keystone Blood Center recognizes Lehigh’s leadership efforts.

A screening of Newsome's brief film, Wake, will precede her talk.

Sunday evening's planned appearance by Opal Tometi and Macklemore has been canceled due to the impending winter storm.

Rap artist Macklemore, Black Lives Matter co-founder Opal Tometi and activist Bree Newsome to speak.

Half-day event hosted by Student Affairs draws attendees from across the university and the local community

John Smeaton served under six presidents in a 32-year career.

The university was recognized for efforts to help students make sound decisions related to alcohol.

Thursday’s 'Slacktivism' event kicks off a slate of programs aimed at motivating people to action in post-Civil Rights era.

At Founder’s Day, university leadership announces an investment of $250 million to shape Lehigh’s future.

Popular sale, which recycles Lehigh cast-offs back into the community, netted nearly $20,000 this year.

The expanded route will provide another layer of security for South Side neighborhoods.

Sale-goers can expect to find dorm-size refrigerators, lamps, designer clothes and much more.

Several officers and members of the Lehigh community were honored with awards for their exemplary service.

Hundreds of honorees and supporters attend ceremony in Packard Hall.

Annual event spotlights high-achieving juniors and seniors.

Lehigh celebrates the silver anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A series of events are planned to celebrate the milestone and increase awareness.

Meline Toumani will discuss the legacy of the Armenian Genocide.

Two sessions were held to encourage dialogue on key concepts embedded within the plan.