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Lehigh University Earns Accreditation from National Oversight Board

Lehigh’s 35-person police force was recently informed that it earned accreditation from the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). The certification followed an extensive review process that began at the start of the Spring 2017 semester, and included site visits by a team of assessors, interviews, policy and practices reviews and public commentary.

With this decision, Lehigh University becomes only the second college or university in the state to be accredited by IACLEA.

The designation affirms that the LUPD adheres to “the highest standards of professionalism and excellence is vital to the success of campus public safety departments in fulfilling their mission to protect students, faculty, staff, and the millions of yearly visitors to colleges and universities,” according to the organization’s website. In total, the LUPD had to comply with 215 standards outlined by the organization.

“We’re honored to have earned this distinction, which stands as a tribute to the professionalism of the dedicated staff of the LUPD,” said Chief Ed Shupp. “We strive to maintain the highest standards, and this certification affirms that effort.”

Shupp also singled out the efforts of Lt. Rich McGarr, who served as accreditation manager for the process, and worked with the IACLEA team to review all written materials, conduct interviews and inspect facilities.

“His leadership on this project was exemplary,” Shupp said. “This is very extensive and detail-oriented process, and Rich worked closely with the review team to have it go as smoothly as possible.”

The organization’s accreditation commission is a 12-member panel that is representative of two- and four-year institutions, public and private colleges and six geographic regions within the U.S. IACLEA represents campus public safety leaders at more than 1,200 institutions of higher education and offers IACLEA Accreditation to colleges and university law enforcement, security, and public safety departments.

The accreditation period is for four years, during which time the LUPD must continue to submit annual reports attesting to ongoing compliance with the accreditation standards.

Photo by Christa Neu

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