A total of 20 interdisciplinary teams are tackling a wide range of environmental, social and programming projects.

Lehigh aims to build on success of Mountaintop by expanding the program beyond the walls of the Mountaintop campus itself. 

How can educational systems help those struggling to start life anew?

Students from New York's Pratt Institute talk about their summer spent working alongside Lehigh students as part of the Mountaintop program.

Khanjan Mehta, currently of Penn State University, will assume his role at Lehigh on Dec. 30, 2016.

Students and mentors return to Bays C2 and C3 for the Mountaintop initiative’s fourth summer.

An inspired Mountaintop project illuminates a Founder’s Day tradition. 

A Mountaintop team explores national datasets to answer questions about early childhood development.

A Mountaintop project allows students to explore a combination of entrepreneurship, software ventures and hip hop music.

A Mountaintop group seeks to create a fully energy-independent food-growing enterprise at the Lehigh Community Garden.