Students take risks and find success as the Mountaintop initiative surges forward

Students reflect on the Mountaintop 2014 experience.

Michael Spear, assistant professor of computer science and engineering at Lehigh, is one of the professors mentoring students on the various projects that fall under Smart Spaces. Here, he tells us why he got involved, what his students are learning and why BIG — is definitely better — at Mountaintop.

A student film probes the life and poetry of Wisława Szymborska.

Student researchers aim to equip homes and offices with intelligence.

Nik Nikolov, partnered with fellow Lehigh architecture professor, works as a mentor in Summer 2014 exploring interactive structures as part of the Shape Shifter student research project at Mountaintop.

Elizabeth Fifer, professor of English, shares why she got involved with a student project at Mountaintop.

John Spletzer, associate professor of computer science and engineering, discusses how he combined his recent NSF grant award with the Mountaintop student research program to mentor two teams at Lehigh in Summer 2014.

A trio of engineering students at Mountaintop tackle an education problem.

Inside a mud hut, students seek a solution for developing countries.