Shannon Varcoe hopes her wooden building blocks help kids with ADHD.

A group of students at Mountaintop hope to aid young stroke victims with 3-D-printed devices.

Professor of biological sciences Murray Itzkowitz, led a group of students in understanding the environment that best promotes the endangered pupfish’s mating and thus, chances for survival.

Lehigh’s GR2OW team aims to close the food loop on campus.

Jumping into two Mountaintop projects this summer, Bryan Berger is hoping that the students he is mentoring will not only get the experience of working on diverse, cross-disciplinary teams, but that they will also find feasibility in their projects and continue their research into the academic year.

A team of students at Mountaintop is building an aquaponics system that they hope will be one to model.

Kelly Austin, assistant professor of sociology​ in the department of sociology and anthropology, is partnering with associate professor Breena Holland to mentor a group of students researching indoor air pollution.

Teams of students arrived on the Mountaintop campus to study a range of topics, from composting to indoor air pollution to endangered fish species.

Upcoming summer projects will involve dozens of faculty and students working in various disciplines.