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Fall 2016

Acumen is published twice a year to share the vitality and breadth of scholarship within the College of Arts and Sciences at Lehigh University.

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One aim of the interdisciplinary programs in the College of Arts and Sciences and across Lehigh is to prepare students for an increasingly fluid job market. Photo by Christa Neu

College offers many avenues for students and faculty to approach complex problems

Lehigh history professor Kwame Essien grew up near the Elmina slave fort (background) in Ghana. Essien has spent two decades studying African migration and the slave trade.

Ghana serves as a living laboratory for interdisciplinary student research.

In one project, Kelly Austin is attempting to unmask a hidden malaria burden in Bududa, Uganda. Here, a nurse in Western Uganda demonstrates the use of a mosquito net.

Sociologist Kelly Austin leads a growing program that explores the intersections of health and society.

Carrie Rich '07 is CEO of the Global Good Fund, which she co-founded in 2012 to help entrepreneurs address complex social issues.

Carrie Rich '07 sees a world filled with opportunities and possibilities

Lake Mead and the Boulder Dam. Citizens who rely on the Colorado River, says Michael Quesada '16, should adopt a "more balanced approach" if they wish to continue using its water.

Michael Quesada '16G examines the history and policies behind the use of the Colorado River.

Attorney Ollie Foucek '72 is one of the arts center's biggest champions. (Photo by Douglas Benedict)

Attorney Ollie Foucek '72 is one of the arts center's biggest champions.

A Cambodian survivor stands in front of the photograph of a prisoner at a former Khmer Rouge prison. (Photo courtesy of Omar Havana/Getty Images)

Jenna Pastorini '17 examines a trauma-based cultural syndrome in Cambodia.