Spring 2017

Cover of the Winter 2017 Bulletin

The Spring 2017 Bulletin salutes Lehigh’s 2011-2012 men’s basketball team, whose stunning upset over Duke in the NCAA Tournament is testament to the team’s tenacity, grit and willingness to work together to achieve a goal. The issue also highlights faculty research into peacemaking, brain circuitry and virtual reality experiences, as well as the creativity of Lehigh’s students.

Back Issues

Illustration of Gabe Knutson dunk

How teamwork, togetherness and selflessness helped the 2011-2012 Mountain Hawks pull one of the greatest upsets in the history of March Madness.

A prescription for peace

Successful peacemaking between longstanding adversaries, a new book argues, is almost always imposed by states from the top down and then sustained by societies.

Lehigh has virtual reality pilot project

Proposed COE pilot study would examine whether virtual reality can enhance students’ writing fluency.

Maura Henderson has running career at Lehigh

An unexpected turn of events took Maura Henderson ’19 into the world of collegiate running, with incredible results.

research on circuitry of the brain

Lehigh bioengineers are first to use OCT to examine neuron-to-neuron communication in live tissue.