Summer 2017

Cover of the Summer 2017 Bulletin

The Summer 2017 Bulletin details the many initiatives that Lehigh is pursuing on the West Coast and tells the story of Lehigh parent Tom Gillis ‘15P ‘17P ‘19P, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who is helping young women break into the tech world. The issue also highlights Sera Cremonini’s research in the field of string theory, Darian Cruz’s remarkable triumph at the NCAA wrestling championships, the rising star of mural artist Denton Burrows ’11 and the efforts of Vince Volpe ’80 to revive one of France’s most historic sporting institutions.

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Golden Gate Bridge across the US Graphic

Lehigh embarks on an exciting new era with a series of West Coast initiatives.

Tom Gillis

The entrepreneur is working to strengthen the ties between Lehigh and Silicon Valley, and to nurture the next generation of tech leaders.

Sara Cremonini conducts research into string theory

String theory, says Sera Cremonini, connects Einstein and quantum mechanics, and the Big Bang with black holes.

Denton Burrows takes to the road with his art

Denton Burrows ’11 takes to the road with his art

Lehigh men's and women's soccer teams go to France

Vince Volpe ’80 is on a mission to revitalize a historic soccer club—and in the process bolster his beloved, adopted hometown, too.