Cover of Theory to Practice, Volume 8

Theory to Practice

Issue No. 8, Fall '16

Theory to Practice, a research review produced annually by Lehigh’s College of Education, is designed to reflect both the changing nature of education and COE’s emphasis on cutting-edge research that results in measurable changes in schools, clinics and policy.

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Refugee Crisis

How can educational systems help those struggling to start life anew?

Speaking My Language

In an increasingly diverse society, schools are challenged with providing all students with an effective education. Here's what they can do.

A Smarter Way to Work

Can wearable technology help to evaluate how principals use their time?

Caring for Cambodia

The Lehigh University-Caring for Cambodia partnership takes an innovative approach to sustainable education.

School Violence

Lee Kern, director of the Center for Promoting Research to Practice and professor of Special Education, addresses the issue of school violence in "I Profess."