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Great research--important research--is deeply valued at Lehigh University.

In all four of our colleges, and in fields cutting across all disciplines, Lehigh researchers are engaged in work that is impactful, powerful and groundbreaking--and the university strives to foster an atmosphere in which those researchers are empowered to pursue answers to the greatest questions of our time.

In conjunction with the launch of the inaugural Lehigh Research Review, four members of the Lehigh faculty--Prof. Martin Harmer, Prof. Lee Kern, Prof. Naomi Rothman and Prof. Damien Thévenin--spoke about their passion for the work, and the many ways Lehigh has supported them in their research endeavors.

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Researchers at Lehigh's ATLSS Engineering Research Center

Researchers at Lehigh's ATLSS Engineering Research Center work to fortify structures against natural disasters, protecting both lives and property.

woman working in lab

The research team in Lehigh professor of chemistry Damien Thévenin's lab is working to develop a unique targeting and delivery system to destroy cancer cells.

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