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LUPD celebrates National Police Week in new facility

More than 200 members of the campus community gathered around the courtyard of the Lehigh University Police Department’s new facility at 321 Packer Ave. to honor the work of the officers and staff who serve the university. The ceremony was part of an annual event to mark National Police Week, as well as to officially welcome the campus community into the facility, which was opened in mid-April.

In attendance this year were Bethlehem Mayor Bob Donchez, Bethlehem Police Department Chief Mark DiLuzio, and Lehigh President John Simon.

All thanked the fully accredited LUPD officers and staff members for a job that is difficult, demanding, dangerous and often thankless.

“We don’t do it for the money or the glory. What each of you does every day to help people doesn’t often make the news. That’s why days like this are so important,” said LUPD Chief Ed Shupp.

Simon told those assembled that he felt confident in the promise he made to parents of new students arriving on campus last August to protect the health and well-being of their sons and daughters – largely, he said, due to the work and high level of professionalism of the LUPD.

He also noted that campus crime has decreased every year for the last six years, representing an overall reduction of 36 percent.  But, he added, the work each of the officers do to generate goodwill on campus and beyond is equally valuable.

“Thank you,” he said, “for a job well-done.”

Donchez praised the work of the LUPD and the Bethlehem Police Department for cultivating a strong and productive partnership that not only has been effective in fighting crime, but in improving the quality of life for residents of the Lehigh Valley.

“As someone who grew up here as the son of a police detective, that is important to me,” Donchez said.

After the presentation of awards and Letters of Commendation by LUPD Assistant Chief Stu Bedics, Shupp thanked those who were involved in the design, planning and construction of the 11,000-square-foot facility that includes state-of-the-art surveillance technology.

“Just as a reminder, we finished two days early,” he said before turning to Vice President of Finance and Administration Pat Johnson and adding, “and under budget.”

In addition to Johnson, Shupp also thanked Simon and the Board of Trustees for their support, as well as members of the Lehigh community.

“I’m extremely proud of all the officers and members of our staff,” he said in closing. “In my 36 years here at Lehigh, and 18 as your chief, I’ve seen this department grow from a good one to a truly great one.”

Following the half-hour ceremony, attendees took tours of the new facility, and enjoyed a luncheon provided by Lehigh’s Dining Services and the FUD truck.


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LUPD chief Ed Shupp addresses the crowd.

“We don’t do it for the money or the glory. What each of you does every day to help people doesn’t often make the news. That’s why days like this are so important,” said LUPD Chief Ed Shupp.

An LUPD patch on a police officer's uniform

The LUPD is accredited by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association and the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission. 

Awards and Letters of Commendation

Officer of the Year
Patrick McLaughlin
Staff Member of the Year
Dispatcher Anthony Bauer
Letters of Commendation (LUPD)
Christina Pulley
Matthew Hayman
Lora Martin
Mark Herman
Drew Devery
Patrick McLaughlin and Michael Dragovich
David Kokinda, Patrick McLaughlin and Lora Martin
Kevin O’Hay and David Kokinda
Stuart Bedics, Christopher Houtz, Brian Kelly, Diano Reavis, David Kokinda, and Anthony Bauer
Letter of Commendation for Community Members (Civilian)
Stacy Lang
Dave Ruberry
Ten Year Award
Edmund Lamontagne
Christina Pulley
Educational Achievement
Stu Bedics
Michael Dragovich
Scott Ednie
Lora Martin
Patrick McLaughlin
Second Educational Achievement
Drew Devery
David Kokinda
Diano Reavis
Third Educational Achievement
Charles Stokes
Fourth Educational Achievement
Sean Burdock

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