Student Center Facilities

The Student Center Facilities and Operations office maintains meeting and dining rooms, common spaces and lounges and programmable spaces and offers other services and conveniences. Traditionally Student Centers are considered to be the "hearthstone" of the campus, the gathering place for students, faculty, staff, and guests. It is on this principle that we strive to offer programs, activities, and services that will cultivate and enhance the living and learning experiences in our inviting environments.

Student Activities

The Student Activities Office connects students, student organizations, faculty and staff to their campus community through a diversity of programs, activities and events. The Student Activities Office is also responsible for the over 150 Student Senate recognized student organizations including programs, accounts, and financial transactions.

Social Science Research Center

The Social Science Research Center is a multidisciplinary organization designed to stimulate and conduct research involving the social and behavioral sciences. Several disciplines are involved, including psychology, sociology, anthropology and education. The Center also works with the University’s other research centers and with several science and engineering departments.

Simply to Go

Serving satisfying meals on the go from crisp salads on artisan breads, wrap sandwiches, fresh fruit, veggie sticks, dessert, beverages, and more!