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Straight from the Students

Hear directly from current students:

We asked undergraduates a series of questions to get the information straight from the source to you. Learn what students really think about Lehigh—from the best opportunities on (and off) campus to secret study spots and our hometown in Bethlehem, PA.

“Linderman Library (is my favorite place to study) because it’s the most beautiful building on campus and I always see a friendly face who encourages me to keep studying even when I feel like I can’t study any longer.”
- Samantha Margolis ’21

“I spent a semester studying global health and development policy in Geneva, Switzerland. The experience of living abroad with a family while also being able to conduct my own independent research taught me a lot about my work ethic and what I want to do in life. The semester solidified my fluency in another language and, additionally, I learned a great deal about my own character development.” - Nicole Lando ’18; Lititz, PA

“Being an entrepreneurship minor has definitely had the biggest impact on my time at Lehigh. The classes are the most applicable to the "real world." I have learned everything from how to master the elevator pitch, how to create and carry out a sales/ marketing plan, and overall how to create a startup company and pitch to investors.” - Alyssa Maier ’18; Franklin Lakes, NJ

“I am in the biomedical externship program that is offered through the biological sciences department and St. Luke's Health Network. It's been really awesome to see first hand medical professions doing their jobs and get a lot of exposure to fields of medicine I never thought I would have been able to see before.” - Lana Fabia ’19; King of Prussia, PA

“I've been working in a neuroscience lab on Mountaintop since the summer after my freshman year and have continued working there throughout semesters and summers. It has made such an impact on my Lehigh experience. Being a part of the Mountaintop Experience program for two summers has been an incredible opportunity and has really enabled me to help guide the research being done within the project in the way that the other students and I are interested in.” - Amanda DeGraaf ’21; Columbia, MD

“Linderman Library because it’s the most beautiful building on campus and I always see a friendly face who encourages me to keep studying even when I feel like I can’t study any longer.” - Samantha Margolis ’21; Fresh Meadows, NY

“Williams Hall in the greenhouse when it is sunny, because it allows me to study hard while feeling like I’m outside.” - Rafiq Sitabkhan ’21; Cleveland, OH

“My favorite study spot is on the University Center Lawn in the Adirondack chairs when it's warm in the fall or spring, otherwise Linderman's rotunda is the obvious choice!” - Nicholas Thomson ’20; Manhattan Beach, CA

“Third Floor FML, the new tables in there create a great atmosphere for studying.” - Meghan Nolte ’19; Lebanon

“I got really lucky by finding "my place" at Lehigh really early on in my first year through joining the Lehigh University Dance Team. The girls were so welcoming and often went out of the way to make sure we were adjusting to Lehigh well. The great thing about Lehigh is the range of extracurricular activities available. There is an organization for any type of person and any type of interests." - Rena Zhu ‘19; Garnet Valley, PA

“I most identify with the Community Service Office. Service is something I am passionate about and through the office I'm allowed to truly see the impact that I'm able to make." - Jason Dinh ’21; Salem, MA

“I found my place through my sorority, Mu Sigma Upsilon-- which is one of the sororities that is part of the Cultural Greek Council--and through the Office of Multicultural Affairs." - Angelica Bernal Torres ‘18; Kennett Square, PA

“By joining numerous organizations I was able to befriend a diverse group of people and feel "at home" with all these groups." - Alexa Morin ’19; Glastonbury, CT

“The unique history and diversity of the people. In many ways we are able to interact with the Bethlehem community and every time is a little different. Whether its at Steel Stacks, 4th St., or the North Side, the Bethlehem community is always very welcoming." - Evan Choy ’20; Marlboro, NJ

“I love the neighboring restaurants that are on the South and North Sides." - Elizabeth Tully ’21; Garden City, NY

“My favorite thing about living in Bethlehem is still getting a small town, college campus feel while still living in an area, like the Lehigh Valley, that could have all the things you need." - Rena Zhu ’19; Garnet Valley, PA

“The natural environment." - Anmol Shrestha ’21; Kathmandu

“[I gained] contacts, skills (soft and hard), and the realization and acceptance that I am not perfect and I am allowed to fail." - Anh Nguyen ’18; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"Lehigh challenged me to the best of my abilities and now I know I will be able to succeed in graduate school." - Meghan Nolte ’19; Somerville, NJ

“I have become more open minded and more aware of the differences in cultures." - Jorgo Tesfa ’21; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“Lehigh has a lot of unique opportunities academically and socially and it has taught me that I have to make the most out of my future. I'm the one that needs to seek out the best for myself and make it happen in order to make the best of my college experience." - Angelica Benares ’20; New York, NY

“I feel that I will be adequately prepared to face any challenge life throws at me due to Lehigh. Lehigh encourages diversity in academia and I really value that." - Rafiq Sitabkhan ’21; Cleveland, OH

“I feel like the connections I’ve made on campus are already preparing me for a successful future." - Eliza Howard ’21; Oceanport, NJ

“The career services center does such an amazing job networking. It really makes me feel like I get personal attention, which is amazing. The center does everything they can to set us up for a successful life after Lehigh." - Samantha Margolis ’21; Fresh Meadows, NY

“Lehigh made me a better leader and a better problem solver." - Ilias Petros Larsinos ’18; Corinth, Greece