Spring 2018

Cover of the Spring 2018 Bulletin

The Spring 2018 Bulletin takes readers on a journey to the Arctic with geochemist Jill McDermott, whose research could help unravel the mysteries of the universe. Readers also will learn about forward-thinkers who are working to make Lehigh an ever-more sustainable university.

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Lettuce in Greenhouse

As Lehigh expands its efforts in sustainability, it makes a pledge to buy more of its food from local farms and humane sources.

LehighSiliconValley immersion trip to California

As Lehigh expands its presence on the West Coast, students participate in the latest LehighSiliconValley trip. 

Four Questions with Kashi Johnson

Innovator Kashi Johnson’s 'Act Like You Know' hip-hop theatre course celebrates a decade of memorable acts with its 10th anniversary show at the Zoellner Arts Center in April. A

Carolyn Wright question and answer

Carolyn Wright ’18 is one of the finest defensive catchers and most clutch hitters in the Patriot League.