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Our research centers and institutes convene Lehigh faculty and others with shared and intersecting interests, incubate collective endeavors, steward shared resources and provide venues for collective work.

Close-up of monitor tracking an earthquake

Center for Catastrophe Modeling and Resilience

Lehigh’s first University Research Center, this interdisciplinary center focuses on catastrophe modeling and resilience applied to natural disasters and health-related threats. Learn more about the Center for Catastrophe Modeling >

Native American wearing traditional feathers

Institute for Indigenous Studies

This institute works in partnership with indigenous peoples, nations, communities, and organizations aiming to improve the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of Indigenous peoples throughout the Western Hemisphere. Learn more about the Institute for Indigenous Studies >

Close-up of coral and an underwater laser

Oceans Research Center

The Lehigh Oceans Research Center is a consortium of researchers studying the ocean system and the life within it. The center’s interdisciplinary research combines fieldwork, laboratory, and computational approaches. Learn more about the Oceans Research Center >

People working on laptops at a table

Center for Supply Chain Research

The Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh (CSCRL) bridges theory and practice to promote a collaborative exchange of ideas on critical issues affecting supply chain management. Learn more about the Center for Supply Chain Research >

Teacher and a young student in classroom

The Center for Promoting Research to Practice

The Center for Promoting Research to Practice intends to generate new knowledge that will favorably impact the lives of individuals with or at-risk for disabilities and promote the use of evidence-based best practices by schools, families, and community service providers. Learn more about the Center for Promoting Research to Practice >

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Last updated: May 2024