Diversity & Inclusion

Wall of Hope art installation at Lehigh University

Diversity & Inclusion

Without Walls

A powerful interactive art installation that began as a capstone project of Lehigh’s Global Citizenship program engaged the campus community in critical issues about social issues and the Lehigh culture.

Conceived by a student team that included Sydney Bagley ’16, Brishty Khossein ’16, Amie Diamond ’16 and Sasha Papova ’16, “Without Walls: Enriching Differences at Lehigh” provided an opportunity for all members of the campus community to share both positive and negative campus experiences.

Around bold red letters that spelled out “HATE” were written examples of hurtful and demeaning language or actions. Days later, those same individuals were invited back to destroy the wall, replacing it with a “Wall of Hope” that displayed positive, aspirational messages.

“A lot of people were shocked at how many people had something to say,” said Khossein.

“Our goal with this project was to create a social change on campus, really just take the steps to get people to talk and have some conversations,” said Bagley.

The Global Citizenship program is a cross-college, multidisciplinary certificate program offering courses and experiences that allow students to examine the theme of citizenship in our global world.

"At Lehigh, we celebrate our diversity, and we embrace our academic, cultural, economic, and physical differences. We respect one another, we look out for one another, and we help one another succeed. These principles are not just words on paper; they are what we believe in and what we expect of our entire campus community."
John D. Simon President

Managing a Diverse Workplace Symposium

Managing a Diverse Workplace Symposium

Business leaders from companies that included Starbucks, Verizon and Raytheon Company joined educators at Lehigh for a daylong impact symposium that aimed to foster conversations about workplace diversity and to put leaders on a path to better management of tomorrow’s workforce.

“Diversity is a word that has an evolving definition,” said Dean Georgette Chapman Phillips of the College of Business and Economics, which organized the September 2015 symposium. “Everybody, of course, has a different view, but the one thing that we can agree on is that today’s workforce, tomorrow’s workforce is not going to look anything like yesterday’s workforce.”

The symposium, titled “Enhancing Enterprise Value in an Increasingly Diverse Society,” included a presentation by Dr. Stephen K. Klasko, president and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health in Philadelphia, Pa., who spoke on reinventing healthcare in America and Jefferson Health’s vision. Also, Amy M. Tingler, regional director of operations in the Northeast Pa. region for the Starbucks Corp., addressed Starbucks’ “Race Together” initiative; and Magda Yrizarry, senior vice president and chief talent and diversity officer for Verizon Communications, addressed why diversity matters.

“We hope that this day of information-sharing and gathering will allow us to figure out how to enhance enterprise value,” said Phillips, “because at the end of the day that’s what we’re all trying to do in the context of the new workforce.”

Panel discussions centered on fostering dialogue and understanding among diverse constituents, as well as workplace challenges and opportunities.

Rally for Inclusion

Rallying for Inclusion

Several hundred members of the Lehigh community gathered at Lehigh in the wake of a divisive presidential election to rally for inclusion on campus and throughout the country. The crowd of students, faculty and staff linked arms and walked through campus. Many held signs with messages promoting community, solidarity and respect.

Diversity by the numbers

350Lehigh students, staff, faculty and administrators who participated in a student-led march in solidarity with students across the country calling attention to incidents of racism that take place on college campuses

30+Members of the campus community who serve on the Council for Equity and Community, a group of faculty, staff and students who serve as agents of change for Lehigh’s culture

25Number of individuals celebrated by Lehigh’s Women’s Center for their efforts to create a supportive culture for women at the university over the 25-year history of the center. The “Women Who Are Changing Lehigh” were recognized at a ceremony attended by more than 150 in the Williams Global Hub.

40+Social Justice Scholars, a collaborative faculty scholars group that explores the intersection of social equity and research